ABOUT | Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors is responsible for establishing the corporate governance framework of the consolidated entity having regard to the ASX Corporate Governance Council published guidelines as well as its corporate governance principles and relevant recommendations.

The Board guides and monitors the affairs of Metarock on behalf of the shareholders by whom they are elected and to whom they are accountable. Our governance system aims to:

  • Ensure accountability
  • Minimise risk
  • Promote ethical conduct, and
  • Enhance investor confidence.
The Corporate Governance Charter contains the following constitutions, charters and policies:

EXE-MET-POL-0016 Audit-and-Risk-Management-Committee-Charter

EXE-MET-POL-0009 Board Charter

EXE-MET-POL-0026 Climate Change - Approach & Charter

EXE-MET-POL-0027 Close Personal Relationships Charter

EXE-MET-POL-0007 Code of Conduct - All Employees

EXE-MET-POL-0006 Code of Conduct - Seniors, Directors, Board

EXE-MET-POL-0003 Community Policy​


EXE-MET-POL-0018 Continuous-Disclosure-Policy

EXE-MET-POL-0008 Corporate-Governance-Statement

EXE-MET-POL-0019 Direct-Voting-Rules

EXE-MET-POL-0025 Disruptor Response Plan

EXE-MET-POL-0035 Board Diversity Policy

EXE-MET-POL-0020 Dividend-Reinvestment-Plan

EXE-MET-POL-0021 Employee-Performance-Rights-Plan-Rules


EXE-MET-POL-0038 Joint Modern Slavery Statement FY23

EXE-MET-POL-0022 Privacy Policy

EXE-MET-POL-0023 Remuneration Nomination Committee Charter

EXE-MET-POL-0036 Risk Management Policy

EXE-MET-POL-0024 Securities-Trading-Policy

EXE-MET-POL-0005 Whistleblowers Policy